Arena & Manege Construction and Mirrors

Digger Hire:
Compact wheeled and tracked machines. Ditching, small ponds and general land reclamation.

Garden Maintenance:
Grass Cutting, Hedge trimming, Re-structuring, Decking etc.
Trained chainsaw operator

Equestrian Maintenance:
Paddock upkeep, topping, fencing, Cross country jumps, Fixed and mobile including water complex's and ditches.

For reasonable rates, honest friendly advice and approachable prompt service.

Please call 459158 or 897310 (evenings or answer phone)




We supply fibres for equestrian surfaces.

Our latest product "grass synthetic fibre"

The fibre improves stability and adds spring.

It is also very hard wearing.

Samples available on request

Contact details:

PO Box 99
West Yorks
WF13 2XH

Tel 01274 850878
Fax 01274 850879



If you've ever thought how much better it would be if you could see yourself when you're training, then Mirrors for Training Arena Mirrors are for you.  Strategically placed mirrors in your arena are a valuable asset, helping you monitor your horse's movements and make your training sessions more effective, even when your instructor isn't there.

These mirrors mean you'll be able to see what the judge sees so you can correct what you need to when you need to. If your competing in 2010 you cannot afford to train without Mirrors for Training!

Your horse can feel the correction at the right time because you're able to see it in real time.  The use of mirrors will help you practice good habits such as proper angles in your half-passes and shoulder-ins, proper seat and leg positions. The more time you spend riding correctly the easier it is to repeat in the competition arena. You can improve your accuracy and get better results while saving money on training fees.  This really is the way to help you and your horse realise your full potential.

Mirrors for Training have been manufacturing Arena Mirrors for 5 years during this time we have researched, developed and greatly improved our product, employing the latest technology to ensure that your Arena Mirrors last for many years.

Our Ready to Install Arena Mirrors are supplied manufactured to the highest standard, are suitable for indoor and outdoor arenas.

Each mirror measures 8ft x4ft (2440 x 1220) each safety backed 6mm mirror is supplied  already secured to exterior phenol coated plywood (we use PHENOL coated Plywood because its encased in a plastic resin, this prevents it absorbing moisture, its very hardwearing, Most importantly its Low Maintenance you will not have to treat it year in year out with wood preserver.   It will not buckle or bend like normal plywood/marine ply)

Each mirror is framed with a 15mm in a metal frame we frame our mirrors in this manner because it stops the mirrors rubbing against one another and breaking and each mirror is supplied with 2no  installation channels that simplify the installation and secure the mirror to posts or internal walls (one at the top and bottom of each mirror).

Mirrors for Training, have supplied many of the leading equestrian colleges, and competition yards, and 100's of professional riders including, we are proud to say "Ellen Whitaker Trains using Mirrors for Training" 

"Our new arena mirrors from Mirrors for Training  have added another dimension to our training.  They give me an immediate view of both mine and the horse's posture, which allows me to work on specific areas, making sure all our training time is used as effectively as it can be." Ellen Whitaker - International Show Jumper.

1 Mirror = £320.00 each
2+   Mirrors = £310.00 each
4+   Mirrors = £300.00 each
6+   Mirrors = £290.00 each
8+   Mirrors = £280.00 each
10+ Mirrors = £270.00 each
15+ Mirrors £260.00 each

Special Offer:
4ft x 4ft 6mm Ready to Install £280.00 each - perfect for corners of short side (Ideal Gift)

We know you will not find the same quality Arena Mirror anywhere else we do not manufacture for anyone else our design and construction is unique.

All Prices Plus VAT

I trust you will read with interest and if i can be any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact me anytime.

01902 791207 or 07737263611


Arena Mirrors, Reflect Your Performance,
Mirrors are an invaluable way of checking rider posture and alignment.
Earn More Points for Accuracy,
Can You Afford to Train Without Them!



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