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Equiform Nutrition Ltd

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For more information please contact the Isle of Man Agent for Equiform Nutrition:

Dolores Osborn
Eairy Ploydwell
Foxdale Road
Isle of Man

Tel: (01624) 852780
Mob: (07624) 470617



Barley Straw

Big and small bales

Need to go soon off field can be delivered ( price depending on location) 

438555 South Island



New and old haylage available.

For more info contact: 437133



Wood Pellet Horse Bedding from  PLQ Pellets

Wood Pellet Horse Bedding is a cost effective, healthy and long lasting alternative to shavings and straw. The wood pellets are made from wood sourced locally within 50 miles of the pellet plant. No chemical additives are added as the natural lignin in the wood acts as a binder. The wood pellets expand up to 4 times their size when water is added to create firm, absorbent bedding for horses. Using our wood pellets can substantially reduce your bedding consumption cutting it by up to 50%.Why not give them a try, you might find that you never want to go back to shavings or straw again !

For more info, prices and delivery contact us on 01772 825560






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