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Low level Laser therapy

Hi I am your on Island laser therapist,and have met some of you as clients, I travel across the Island treating quite a few horses, and below are the services and treatment I provide.

For more information please contact me on 410286 or email me at

Thanks Anita De Burnett Psya Bsy
http://www.spectravet. com/




Charlotte Mackenzie - Healer, Equine Sports Massage Therapist (USA)

Animal Communicator, Phone Consultations, Distant Healing, Group or Private Sessions Available.

880417 or 401197

Cyclo-ssage Equine Massage System IOM

⭐ ️Low prices through February⭐️ Book Now.
Phone: 07624339680
Message: Cyclo-ssage equine massage system iom

How does it work?

The Pro-Equine Therapy System uses oscillating vibration otherwise known as Cycloidal Vibration Therapy (CVT) to provide deep and gentle stimulation to the entire muscle structure. This should not be confused with the many massage systems that use percussive vibration as a basis which does not have the scientific benefits or advantages of CVT.

The system has 18 strategically positioned motors that have been developed to give an even and symmetrical delivery across the whole body including the deepest muscle structures and the neck area.

The stimulation provided by CVT reduces/eliminates muscular pain, increases blood flow, stimulates lymphatic activity, increases joint mobility, improves respiratory function and aids mental relaxation. It is also thought to speed up healing times, inhabit the formation of scar tissue and reduce muscle wastage in non active horses.





Bach Flower Remedies are fast gaining recognition with horse owners looking for natural ways to help with horse health and behaviour management.

Bach Flower Remedies are a totally natural, safe, holistic therapy and are used to combat the effects of negative emotions which are generally accepted as the basis of many physical health problems. These remedies can be used alongside any veterinary medication, providing the natural component of a treatment programme.

Bach Flower Remedies address a wide range of behavioural and emotional concerns, here are just a few that can be treated:-

•  Fear and anxiety in certain situations. i.e. travel & trailer problems, shoeing, spooking, separation anxiety etc.
•  Stereotypical behaviours.
•  Aggression issues.
•  Recuperation from illness and surgery.
•  Rehabilitation issues. i.e. new home, changes in environment/schooling.
•  Aid to learning skills and confidence.
•  Recovery from distress/traumatic experiences, past or present.
•  Bereavement i.e. loss of pair bond.
•  Care and support in old age/retirement.

Using the remedies I have helped many people and animals achieve a much happier state of wellbeing. Contact me and we can have a chat about making life much better for both of you.

Fiona 494708. Email

Visit my website for testimonials and further information

Fiona Shimmin BFRP. BFRAP

Bach Foundation Registered Human & Animal Practitioner


Your vet is responsible for the health and welfare of your horse, in this respect I always inform the vet prior to treatment.



Hello I’m Helen a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach based on the Isle of Man, helping individuals with: 

  • Horse Rider confidence sessions helping you overcome fear, boosting confidence and competition performance.
  • and I work with dog owners to help create harmony in the home, on walks and at competitions 
  • Individual sessions for anxiety and stress 

I’m also a professional Animal Communicator and reiki practitioner with over 20yrs experience. 

For more information please contact me on 07624 481365 or email:

Private consultations in person or online, group sessions available.



Physical therapies for rehabilitation, relaxation, promotion & maintenance of health & athletic performance

                • McTimoney animal manipulation
                • Equine & canine sports massage
                • Equissage massage therapy system
                • Stress point therapy
                • Active & passive muscle stretching
                • Exercise programmes for rehabilitation
                • Fully qualified, professional service

Helen Jacks- Hewett BSc(Hons) PGDipAM EBW CBW MMAA

0117 9865310 - 07765 522598

Isle of Man clinics run throughout the year, please contact Helen for further details.








Equine Massage Therapy for all Muscular skeletal Problems.

Remedial, Stimulating or relaxing massage incorporating gentle stretching exercises. Increase flexibility and suppleness. Decrease the risk of injury.

Reiki Healing for Horse and Rider

Simple, powerful and natural form of energy healing for emotional and physical problems.

Tel. Judy Corrin 851157

V.N, EThPK, S.A.C.Dip (Energy healing for animals), Reiki Master Practitioner.

Essential Equine Thermography

Lameness Assessment & Prevention with Meditherm DITI

Digital Infared Thermal Imaging

The Best Method Available for the early detection of musculo-skeletal, soft tissue and neurological injuries.

Scans: Prices range from £75 to £300 from 1 region of interest (minimum of 4-6 scans) to a full scan of the horse (16 scans minimum).

Click here to view information leaflet.

Steve Taylor, Qualified Thermographer

Essential Equine Thermography,
14 North Shore Road

Tel: (07624) 497317




The Theraplate has the ability to assist rehabilitation and recovery, helps maintain muscles and bone density in horses that are on box rest, increasing healing rate by 40%.

It has the ability to increase joint mobility and flexibility, reduce inflammation and swelling.

It is a great tool for increasing strength and condition by developing lean muscle tone, increases the circulation to the digital cushion, improves joint, ligament and tendon functions.

Regular sessions on the theraplate helps maintain those horse/ponies in regular work and competition, helps the older ones struggling with movement and helps those ponies struggling with laminitis, EMS and Cushings. 

For further information or to book appointments for you or your equine. Contact via FB, or Jo Priest on 452029


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