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Amerigo UK

Helen Murphy will be available for saddle fitting of new, and a limited number of second hand, Amerigo dressage and Jumping saddles from 13th November to 15th November 2009.


Amerigo saddles are exceptional saddles designed with the horse in mind and work with his natural biomechanics allowing him to maximise his potential.  Not all horses are the same and its not only the width of the saddle that matters.  Soundess does not apply only to the legs, as much care and attention also needs to be paid to your choice of saddle and its fit.

Amerigo Saddles are used by top professionals all over the world, in all possible disciplines.  Carl Hester, Spencer Wilton, Billy Twomey, Jeanette Brakewell, Kyra Kyrklund and Kim Prince to name just a few.

For an appointment or consultation please contact me on 07595 238141 or email me on



Come and see Tip Top Tack who visit Glebe Stables at St Marks on most Saturday mornings
to view the latest range of fine quality Albion accessories.  
For more details call 490499


If you would prefer that we visit you to see what we have in stock, then: Tel: 803085 and we’ll bring the goodies to you.

The Isle of Man Agents for



" TackMann "
RBN 023257B

Bespoke Saddlery, Harness and Leather Repairs, Established 2012

Background, Training and Approach
Following time-honoured methods and using traditional tools we can now offer a made to measure service to produce bespoke tack, saddlery and harness items, as well as carry out repairs and alterations to your existing items.

Upholding Equissential's usual high standards, all items are hand stitched, with great care and attention to detail, and we will only work with the best leather and materials to verify the safety and maintain the quality of our products.

Whether you require a conventional and elegant Weymouth bridle, a sparkly browband or patent leather noseband, some replaced girth straps, shortened cheekpieces, a new working hunter saddle or a repaired harness, please call to discuss your requirements and for a quote to be provided. We would be delighted to assist you.

Having completed initial training successfully, we regard our continued training with, and mentoring by, a Master Saddler as imperative to ensure adherence with our own high standards as well as those demanded within the industry. We are committed to the ongoing development of our current skills and acquisition of further skills, and will regularly discuss aspects of our work with the Master Saddler.

Please call 202011 or email to discuss your requirements

Equissential Limited 126902C
TackMann RBN 023257B - Rugmann RBN 023712B
Kapsigeri, Upper Trollaby Lane, Marown, Isle of Man IM4 4HN



Vicki always has the comfort of the horse as a Primary Concern and with that in mind has undertaken to train as a Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter (SMSQSF). The only person on the Island qualified to Train Vicki is Amyanne Southern of Horse & Rider, Tynwald Mills. Amyanne is a Qualified Saddle Fitter Registered with the Society of Master Saddlers GB. Training is proving to be both interesting and challenging and the impact ill-fitting tack has on our equine partners should never be underestimated. The last 12 months have increased Vicki's determination to become Qualified to further her knowledge on this vast subject. Vicki took her Foundation Course in October 2011. Amyanne will continue to Support, Train and Mentor Vicki for the next 3 years at least, at which point, if ready, Vicki will undertake her Final Exams.

New saddles

Utopian Saddle Solutions are able to source a wide range of new saddles, which can be made to template if necessary, due to our connection with Horse & Rider at Tynwald Mills, St Johns. Our range includes, but is not limited to Black Country, Jeremy Rudge, Wow, Kent & Masters and Thorowgood. Please make enquiries if you require a new saddle from a manufacturer not on the above list.

Native Pony Saddle Company & Phoenix Saddles

Vicki is proud to have been appointed 'Sole Distributor' for the Isle of Man by Andrea Hicks, owner and designer of this Company of beautifully crafted and reasonably priced quality saddles. Andrea is very discerning about who she appoints to sell her beloved saddles and after some discussion, research and considerable training it is very pleasing to have been selected!

These saddles are not only a great fit for Native Breeds of all shapes and sizes but Tree shapes to suit Cobs, Spanish Horses, Arabs, Eventers, Dressage Ponies and Endurance Horses to name a few are all catered for.

I now have 3 Demo saddles of different styles which can be seen on my ponies at Competitions. I have also ridden in them and can guarantee they provided wonderful stability, support and comfort for the rider as well and the horse. For further information or to view the full range of saddles please go to or give me a call.




Pre-owned saddles

How it works - Selling

If you have a saddle that needs to be sold please contact Vicki with the details. The Saddle will need to be thoroughly inspected to make sure it is safe and fit for use. If the saddle was originally supplied by Vicki a 10% Commission will be charged upon a successful sale. otherwise 20% Commission will be charged.

How it works - Buying

If you wish to purchase a New or Secondhand saddle, please contact Vicki who will come out and assess both the requirements of the horse and rider. We will then discuss the best way forward for the comfort of your horse encompassing optimum performance. This usually takes in the region of 1 hour and for this there is a one off charge of £30. For each subsequent visit to fit prospective Saddles there may be a fuel charge depending on frequency of visits and location but no other charge.


TEL 897531 or 483014



Enbarr Saddles

Retail partner of  Saddle Exchange Saddling Solutions, who are Specialist Saddle Designers, Manufacturers, Retailers and Owners of:

The Original Native Pony Saddle Company Brand

The ReactorPanel® Saddle Company Brand

Comfort Saddles Brand

The Pony Saddle Company Branded Saddles

Comfort Endurance

Go and look at their website and read all about them, their list of clients and customer reviews say all they need to about the quality of thier service & products.

I will tell the very simple story behind how Enbarr Saddles came about:

When my conny stallion 'Harry' turned 5 I promised him a new saddle.

Being me I set out on a quest to to find the best person for the job. As all my friends and family will verify I don't part with my hard earned cash unless I feel someone did a good job. After hours of reading about saddles I came across Saddle Exchange Saddling Solutions. When I spoke to Gini on the phone she immediately came across as the right person for the job, when I said I lived in the Isle of Man and needed her to come to the island and see if she could help she did not immediately hang the phone up or insist that she would fit the saddle via remote access! Quiet the opposite 'no problem Rachel we can come over and see if we can help, have a look in our diary and see when suits you'. WOW!!!!

I had no intention of selling saddles in the Isle of Man just wanted Harry and I to be happy. I only spent two days with Dean and Gini fitting saddles and they had me hooked, I was fascinated and wanted to learn more. I quiet quickly realised how good these pair were and thought the Island would greatly benefit form their expertise. The other thing that I really liked was that the sale of a saddle was secondary, fitting it correctly was more important. These two people know that if a saddle fits correctly you have a happy horse & rider, and a happy team, which made them happy. They also realised that we can not all afford a new saddle so within reason will see what they can do to help.          

I would never sell myself as an amazing saddle fitter, even after Dean & Gini have put me through my paces, however I will be fully supported by two amazing saddle fitters!

I have also been closely liasing with Sammy Leahy of Equissential to make sure we pool our resources to give the Island the best service we can provide. We believe that sharing our knowledge and contacts is beneficial for all parties involved. If you would ever like advice from both of us or just want a second opinion please feel free to contact either of us.

Please feel free to contact me any time to discuss and see if I/We can help.

Tel 07624492899 Email


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